Tuesday, March 20, 2018

With Spring comes New Beginnings...so Look Out!

Welcome to the Vernal Equinox....
Happy Spring

According to the Farmer's Almanac, today – March 20 – at 1215 – the Earth is not tilted toward the Sun and the Sun passes over the Celestial Equator thus giving both hemispheres an equal number of daylight and nightime hours. Eggs stand on end. Worms begin to crawl. Temperatures begin to warm in the Northern Hemisphere as each day's quota of sunlight increases.

And, I begin to update the blog in a more consistent manner...
I know, I have made that statement before.
However, this week marks the 'theme' reveal for the A-Z blogging challenge which begins in April.
The A to Z challenge is pretty self explanatory. I write 26 blog entries, one for each letter of the alphabet. You, the reader, gets 26 consistent chances to get a little glimpse into my head...
Not sorry.

So, without further ado....
The Theme for this year's challenge will be...
26 posts, from A to Z, giving my take on this wonderful lifestyle.
That's right.
Not sport.
Not hobby.
Not obsession...well, maybe a little obsession....
Don't be afraid that this will be 26 highly technical posts on the finer points of a beam reach whilst crossing the International Date Line under full sail. At night.
Please, it was all I could do to finish my Sailing 101 book.
I hope this will be 26 entertaining, slightly educational insights into life as a sailboat owner, novice sailor and eternal optimist.

So, until April 1, keep that elusive Sun over the yardarm!

This is the view from my kitchen Monday, March 19, the last day of winter.
Winter was taking itself quite seriously. Please note the ringlets on the birdbath from the rain, which was coming down at a 45 degree slant. Surprisingly, I was not on a sailboat for this...