Hairnets and Explanations

I see hairnets. Everywhere. Well, not just hairnets. Toilets broken in half, raw TV dinners – lean cuisine to be exact, a kid on a bike carrying a human head... (Okay, it turned out it was just a Halloween mask with a full head of hair, but still.) I have taken to noticing some unusual things along the side of the road. And the most consistently spotted and most disturbing of all are the hairnets. 

Hairnet spotting began a few years ago on a walk to the parking garage after work. Seeing life from a slightly skewed place has been a lifestyle long ago established. In fact, The Coast of Illinois evolved from a lyrical misunderstanding in a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song. The song was American Dream. The line long misunderstood by yours truly was 'the coast of Georgia is just no place to be' of course, the ACTUAL line is 'Augusta, Georgia is just no place to be. I have probably sang along to that song for three decades but the real lyrics finally hit me on a drive to work as I was stuck on the bridge between Illinois and Missouri. And while Augusta, Georgia may have been the Dirt Band's place of dismay, I came to the realization that I was living on The Coast of Illinois.

I hope you enjoy my slice of life. And, I hope one day you will enjoy a novel or two. But until then, stay vigilant. Hairnets are everywhere.

except here. there are NO hairnets on Blue Skies!

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