Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Impromptu Blog Post!

I have become a fan of the 'Impromptu' party. You know:

Impromptu Deck Party, my house, 7pm!
Impromptu Swim Party, Sunday!

There is very little pressure with an Impromptu party. You plan to go outside to have a glass of wine after dinner. It is 75 degrees with a gentle breeze. Way too nice to waste the evening so you go on your preferred source of social media and announce IMPROMPTU DECK PARTY.

Sometimes a handful of neighbors shows up. Sometimes no one shows up except the cat. It doesn't matter. You haven't overextended yourself with planning, cleaning, cooking. Its always a surprise. No expectations, no disappointment.

Oh sure, some may argue that the simple act of announcing an Impromptu party takes away from its impromptu-ness. To those I say, "meh." Those people don't want impromptu, they want spontaneous and there is a certain distinction between the two.

With Impromptu, you have a little time to plan. Remember public speaking class? When the teacher clearly stayed out too late at the Doobie Brothers concert the night before and thus has no plan for the day? He would walk into the classroom all fuzzy eyed and 1970's unkempt 'fro and announce "Impromptu speeches!" He would then fling his polyester suit coat over his chair and throw out a topic, giving everyone ten minutes to work out a plan.

An Impromptu party is just like that.

There is a short amount of time to anticipate the soiree but not nearly enough time to redecorate the house, landscape the yard and buy new dishes. At best, there is enough time to stop by the market on the way home for some hummus.

Spontaneous is something all together different and way more dangerous. Spontaneous suggests that a group has already gathered and suddenly BOOM! A party breaks out. This can be fine, like spontaneous dancing or spontaneous singing, if you live in Rogers and Hammerstienville. But for the most part, spontaneous is fraught with pain.

Spontaneous riots!
Spontaneous pneumothorax!
Spontaneous human combustion!

I suppose I might consider a Flash event. Those Flash Mob events on youtube look like fun but I this is what I imagine would happen should I announce a Flash Party on my deck:

FlashParty, my deck, 7pm
Several friends show up, wine is poured.
Flashing begins.
Neighbors complain, except for the one who trims his corner shrub in suggestive shapes.
Police arrive.
Spontaneous Riot erupts.

No thanks.

I'll take Impromptu.

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