Sunday, October 20, 2013

When we last left the Zombies...

It has been a wild couple of weeks here on the Coast. Actually Coasts – plural. As this posts I am returning from a trip to California where our beautiful niece and her darling man got married. Thankfully, there were no Zombies.

Part Six

“Mary! Your water broke!” Deb grabbed the counter with one hand to steady herself, her legs suddenly weak with all the excitement and now, relief. If labor hadn’t progressed she would have had to break it. “How are the contractions?”

Mary moaned in answer. “Wow, that was a big one.” As the contraction lessened, she stood and caressed her belly. “I could actually see it tighten.”

“Yup, that’s what labor does. Come on. If you feel up to it, how ‘bout walking around while I start some dinner. The rest of us are going to need to keep up our strength. I’ll fix you some soup if you’re hungry.” The pot full, Deb placed it on the gas burner.

The slam of the back door made both women jump as the men returned. Their stomping sounded more violent than was necessary.“What the fuck were you doing out there alone?” Dave was pissed. They had specific actions for attack. “You put us all at danger Jake.”

“I had the chance. I had to take it. That Zom was acting really weird. It was almost as though it were observing, stalking us. I am pretty sure it had been at the kitchen window and those dragging prints were by the back door too.”

Both men continued to argue as they pulled off their wet shoes and placed the shotguns in the rack. Mary completed her first lap around the living room as Deb browned some sausage and stirred in tomato sauce. Jake was the first to notice Mary’s parade.
“Um, babe? What ya doin’?”

“Training for the marathon. Aaa…what’s it look like?” Mary gasped as another contraction hit but her smile covered up the pain. “Of course, Deb won’t let me do any carbo loading. Guess she’s afraid I’ll puke on her!”

“Yes, that is exactly right. You know what they say: puke on me once, shame on you. Puke on me twice…” Deb began to laugh but choked as a scream replaced her momentary mirth. A grey face with flat eyes peered into the kitchen window.

“Shit!” Dave grabbed his gun and ran to the back door. “There’s another one on the porch.”

Jake sprinted from the kitchen to check the other windows only to return with disheartening news. “There are at least twelve of them. It’s bizarre. They are just standing there, staring inside.”

Mary moaned and grabbed her belly. Deb turned the burners off and hustled to her side. Outside the kitchen window the zombie shifted its weight and moaned in response. Its withered hand grasped the wire frame work outside the window as the electricity made its surge. The creature shrieked as its hand exploded, spattering grey flesh on the window. Both women screamed.

The face at the back door disappeared. 

Come back on Wednesday October 23 to see what happens next! 
And - if Zombies aren't your thing, please check out some of the more popular posts and some of my favorite blogs to the right. Coast of Illinois will return to reality no November 1!

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