Friday, March 21, 2014

A Slight Deviation from Normal

I have been needing/wanting to update the Coast of Illinois for a week now. However, everything in my life has taken a back seat to the revolt occurring under my far back molar. I find no humor in dental work. Although hearing the dentist assistant describe the fact that my teeth have extra roots as a 'slight deviation from normal' would have been sort of funny it I didn't have flatware for eight sticking out of my mouth at the time. 

But, it has been four days, six Vicodin, eighty Advil and a small duodenal ulcer since then. It is Friday and 70 degrees outside and the Sunday before the this whole oral assault happened I spent a fabulous afternoon at a winery on the Coast of Illinois and I wanted to share some photos from our coast. 

Eat your vegan hearts out Malibu!

We were at Grafton Winery and Brewhouse. It was one of those rare pre-spring afternoons when the temp is really only 50 degrees but everyone is so excited to see the sun that we are willing to brave a semi-blustery breeze to sit outside and get a pre-summer sunburn. 

Oh sure, it's not a Carnival Cruise ship, but then again, there is no random gastrointestinal attacks going on.

We watched barges moving up and down the Mississippi as Terry Beck played tunes. There was wine and olives and salami and cheeses and enormous chocolate chip cookies and the company of three good friends plus one more who insisted on buying everyone a cigar. 
I do not smoke cigars.

Seriously, even without the ocean breeze this is beautiful.
And on the ride home we saw the full moon peaking out from behind pink and purple clouds. 
This is the Coast of Illinois.


  1. Since I have never been there… this is a great way to see the coast of Illinois. To be honest, I didn't know you had a Coast! :-) Stay away from the cigars… LOL!

    1. Lol! thanks for the comment SuzanneS! and yes, no more cigars for me, although it was fun to be a 'poser'! And, technically, our 'coast' is actually the river's edge of the Mississippi River. But after miss-hearing the lyrics of a song in which the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band said 'Augusta Georgia is just no place to be' but was heard as 'the coast of Georgia is just no place to be' I realized that I did sort of live on a 'coast'. And, while we don't have an ocean or a tide, we have barges and eagles and an enormous stainless steel arch! If you ever make it this way let me know, I will give you a list of must-see places!

  2. I am so happy to see the sun again...I don't care what the temperature is!


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