Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's Just Me, Styled

We interrupt the current Tales of the Caribbean edition of Coast of Illinois to bring you this non-sponsored, fashion post.

Ever since my daughter signed me up to Nature Box for my Christmas present a year ago, I have been obsessed with 'of the month' clubs. I helped my son sign Rob up for Jerky of the Month – it's a real thing – and I have painstakingly researched everything from Dinner of the Month to Beauty Product of the Month. I am afraid to search 'hair of the month' but I am sure it exists.

Anyway, during a conversation at lunch one day, a co-worker mentioned that she had tried Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a style site where members fill out a style profile - answering questions about which style choices you prefer, what bra size you wear, how tall you are and the corresponding how much do you weigh. You choose how you like your clothes to fit, what sort of clothes you prefer, how comfortable you are with different styles.

Then you send them twenty dollars and one of the company's stylists chooses 5 items of varying prices and mails them to you. You have three days to decide if you want to keep the items. The ones you don't care for get mailed back in a postage paid envelope. The ones you like you keep and pay for, deducting that twenty dollar fee. If you buy all five items you get a discount on the total purchase besides that twenty dollar deductible.

There is no minimum purchase requirement. You don't have to sign up for a certain number of deliveries.

As I rarely go clothes shopping and when I do I am disappointed by the selections in the stores, I thought this sounded like a fine idea.

Besides, I am positive ALL the items would fit – me being a middle-aged size 12 and my co-worker being a young, fit size 2.

What could possibly go wrong?

Actually – NOTHING!

I filled out my style profile, sent my deposit and waited excitedly, tracking my package through the thoughtfully provided UPS number provided by Stitch Fix.

My package arrived exactly as scheduled and this is what was inside: 
Total for all 5 pieces comes to $205. This is with a 25% discount on all five pieces and that $20 deposit. 
 I loved the sleeveless blouse immediately. Thought the dress was cute. Wasn't a fan of the lace insert cardigan. Felt indifferent about the scarf.

And then I found the jeans.

My husband exclaimed aloud the thought that went through my head. "I can't believe they sent JEANS! How on earth do they figure those will fit?"

But, they did!

And, they fit really really well!

So they are staying. Along with the sleeveless blouse. 
My new, go-to summer night out, outfit. Kut From the Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jean and 41 Hawthorne Meryl Tulip Print Blouse

yes. this is my butt. but how unbelievable - Jeans by mail that FIT!!
 The dress fit nicely, but I already have a similar striped dress. I don't really need another cream scarf, although it is a really nice size to use as a wrap on chilly spring or autumn evenings. 
Channeling my inner Jackie O in the Pixley - Kathy Striped Fit&Flare Dress (not sure why the fabric appears shiny in these pics. the dress is a very nice, non-clingy knit.
Look by M Prescott Fringe Edge Scarf, as pashmina wrap.
The cardigan is also going back. While it is super soft, I just can't get past the lace insert in the back. 
Me, being kicky in the Loveappella - Bernardo Crochet Back Cardigan

How fun, to receive clothing items picked just for ME!

I plan to have my husband unpack and hang the next shipment on silk covered hangers in a warmly lighted closet with corresponding jewels and shoes displayed nearby, sort of like that scene in The Tourist, where Angelina Jolie opens the hotel closet to a display of glamours dresses and furs.

Just like that.

And now I want to place WEEKLY ORDERS!

But realistically, I have set my orders for every other month.

That will give Rob time to work on that luxurious lighted display closet. 

In case you missed the link above - click on STITCH FIX to find out more. 
The items also come with 'styling cards' which look like trading cards using each item in several fashionably styled ways. I sort of followed these suggestions in the above pics. All jewelry and shoes, the tan t-shirt, the awesome PanAm bag and the Rossino's sign are mine. 
No husband-photographers were injured in this post. 
Although the continual request to 'take off the top' got a little old...


  1. WOw, you look great in all those, but I agree, that lace insert on the cardigan is weird. What a fun idea!

    1. Thanks Beverly! I was shocked everything fit so nicely!! And now I can't wait for my next box!!

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  3. You crack me up! I recently started following you, and I really enjoy your posts. I have been thinking of trying Stitch Fix for awhile now. Glad you had a good experience.

    1. So happy you enjoy visiting the Coast of Illinois!! lol!! And I would highly recommend trying Stitch Fix (again, this is not a paid promotion). I figure at worst I would be out $20 for an inexpensive accessory then not try it again. What a pleasant surprise!

  4. You had me at "jeans that fit". My 31 year old daughter uses Stitch Fix but I presumed it would not work for someone like me (of a certain age and not a skinny rail). I'm going to try it out. No harm in that, right?

    1. Mo-I think it is totally worth a try. At the worst you are out $20- and most likely you will use that fee for one item. Let me know what happens!!


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