Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break in My Mind

Been a while, I know.
Not sure if it's the time change or the weather change or the fact that I am letting my hair grow out thus creating added pressure to my brain...but whatever the reason, my creativity has gone on hiatus to Cabo and left me alone with the schizophrenic season of spring. 
But do not fear!
I renewed my 'dot-com' and can't let that twelve dollars go to waste! 
In the words of the Govenor of the great state of California...
'I'll be back!' 
Probably just after Easter...
Until then, enjoy this little bouquet of front door flowers!
Happy Spring!
From the Coast of Illinois!!
Perhaps those gnomes have seen my inspiration...


  1. Happy Easter! See you back here soon!

  2. Have a wonderful break! Happy spring from MN and excited for flower power. :)

    1. thank you Laurie! I can feel the rejuvenation when ever the sun peeks out! and then I feel guilty when I see that you are up in MN and probably won't see the sun until July!! ;)


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