Sunday, May 5, 2013

Common Denominator

I am from Illinois




My favorite meal is burgers and fries


                                 lamb stew

                                 chili dogs and mountain dew.

I run marathons

       ride on bike trails

      win body building contests.

I own five dogs

         one cat

         several chickens


I perform solo with a guitar

                with a drum corp

                 a mean Karaoke version of Tenacious D.

My favorite beverage is coffee

                                         craft beer


                                         RED BULL!!!

I live for Cardinal Baseball

              Blues Hockey

              Stiletto Heels.

I am single


        planning a wedding

        waiting for a new baby        

        raising a houseful of boys.

In my spare time I quilt
                                make jewelry
                                fight fires.

I drive a green Corvette

           a Harley

           a soccer mom van

           a private airplane.

I have a diploma

           an associates degree

           a bachelors degree

           a masters

           nearly a PhD.

What do the people on this list have in common?

Twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, someone on that list is dressing a wound, treating a pain, monitoring a heartbeat, holding a hand. Every day someone on that list is learning something, teaching something and using their knowledge to help someone make it through another day.

Each person on this list is a Nurse.

And it is those very differences that, when pooled together for eight or ten or twelve hours at a time, make it possible for these people to provide the best care possible, to their patients and to one another.

Where do I, a land locked beach bum, fit on this list? Well, at one time or another over the past twenty nine years, I have worked with each of those people.

Because for the last twenty nine years I have been a Nurse.

Can you see yourself on this list? Do you have what it takes to join it?

Thank heaven we get to work in technicolor now!

And - In case you have some time on your hands check out the new page addition Its a living...

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