Thursday, April 5, 2018

Escape - the 'ism' not the song...

So, the letter E.
My choices were Equator or Escapism.

I have never been to the Equator.
I hear it is lovely.
But, they say write what you know, so it looks like it's Escapism.
Which is okay.
I am an Escape Artist.
the view from Fort Recovery Tortola, BVI
the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

I love to escape.
Don't get me wrong, I live a charmed life. But I also work in a rather highly stressful job in a location where the weather is less than ideal, ie – yesterday was 48 degrees which turned into sleet and thundersnow leaving us at a balmy 28 this morning and sliding upwards to nearly 70 tomorrow with a threat of tornados and thunderstorms.
I love a change of seasons too. Especially all in one 72 hour period.

Consequently, a good portion of my free time is fantasizing over Hemingway-esque lifestyles in more temperate climes.

Until we began sailing.

A sailboat is the perfect answer to chronic Escapism.
When you are on a sailboat you can be no where else but in the moment. Everday concerns get left on the shore as you manage the lines and sails and rudder as they interact with the wind.
But that's not the only thing about a sailboat.

As Jack Sparrow says: 'It's more than a 'boat'. It's freedom. Wherever we want to go, we go. That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and a hull and sails; that's what a ship needs. Not what a ship is. What a ship is, is freedom...'

The ability to climb in and sail wherever you want to go is an amazing feeling.
Granted, our 24 ft fixer-upper on an actual ocean would be a little more excitement than I need, but just knowing she could do it...
You don't even need to have a motor; although even an escape artist considers safety in those fantasies...
try to tell me this view doesn't bring on the wanderlust...
(Florida Bay from our rental boat from Key Lime Sailing Club)
And boy, oh boy, are there fantasies.
Sailing the Mediterranean.
Island hopping.
Cruising the Gulf Coast.
Those dreams are fluid but when it's April and you are riding to work at the butt-crack of dawn in the freezing rain wearing four layers of outerware, which you know you will have to carry home in the 80 degree tornado later....well...
you nearly miss your stop...
But that's okay, the red line ends at the airport...

And in case you were wondering about the title. 
I give you Escape, by Rupert Holmes

This was day 5 of the A to Z challenge. 
If you would like to check out other authors click on the link


  1. I can certainly see the appeal of escaping on a glorious sunny day on a sailboat compared to your weather description of April - it's enough to make me dream of sailing!

    Leanne |
    E for Enjoy Life Today

  2. Laura,

    Thanks for visiting. What a lovely sunset/rise! I don't think I would want to live near the equator. I don't like temperature extremes. Although, we have some cold days in the winter they pale in comparison to what you endure. For the most part, our East Tennessee climate is mild. I can't imagine living anywhere else. We like escaping to the Smoky's on days off. I hope we can do this before too long.

    Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z Creating iPad Art Sketches "E" - Eyes

    1. Escape to the mountains would be equally wonderful!

  3. This crazy April weather - looks like summer will never come! I'm in the St. Louis area, and feel your pain! I guess my escape right now is here, A to Z. And I like Pina Coladas, too!
    Passing Down the Love|"E"

    1. Oh my, you feel the pain too! Why do we love the Lou?! A good rum drink is always an escape!

  4. My one experience on a proper sail boat, off the coast of Barcelona in the Med for a day = heaven. I wish I could escape more.

  5. "Come Sail Away", came to mind...ah, to be able to just get in a sail boat and go where the winds take us...

    1. Lol! I can only hear Cartman from South Park singing that song!! But sailing days will be here soon.

  6. There was a sing called Sailing from around 1986. I can’t remember the artist and now I just have to hear the song. I should have sang it while hopscotching between patches of glaze ice on the sidewalks this morning. Will spring ever come? Oh, for an escape. Alana

    1. Christopher Cross! It is the perfect song for sailing through this crazy Spring weather!

  7. Escapism is inbuilt in us. We just need to fight it most times. But reading your post, right now, I just want to "escape"- to a cool and calm place.

    1. I feel as if the real trick is to live life as if it were the escape...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I am a bit claustrophobic especially inside lifts at times....hence I love escapism but the idea of endless seas around is not exactly my cup of tea . I would love to wander on land probably though :D

    1. Oh, I understand. I have not quite come to terms with being on the boat with no land in sight. Wandering on land is just as wonderful!

  10. Escaping for an afternoon would be enjoyable... forget the housework, it's not going anywhere.


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