Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Claim This Phrase in the Name of France...or wait, In the Name of PACU*

Faux Friday: The last day of the work week that is not a Friday and is preceded by a Saturday and Sunday with no return to work until Monday. Usually a Wednesday or Thursday. Occasionally may be used to designate the beginning of a non-traditional weekend where said non-traditional weekend is followed by a real Friday. Generally only acceptable in the dead of winter when you go to work in the dark and return home in the dark. Origin: most any 10 or 12 hour shift worker. Uses: 1.gloating as in "Oh, so sorry, today is my Faux Friday." 2. envy as in "I am so sick of you telling me it is your Faux Friday."
See also Thumpday.

Thumpday: the day of the week immediately preceding Faux Friday. Usually a Tuesday or Wednesday making that day fake Thursday or Thumpday. Also: the day you are most likely to thump someone; probably the person who's Faux Friday is only your Thumpday.

I hereby claim the origin and creation of these two phrases. I don't care what UrbanDictionary says. To you UrbanDictionary I say "Crapmonkey!"**

Ps- Guess what day this is posted on...

*PACU - a vicious little fish. Also the acronym for Post Anesthesia Care Unit, where I spend approximately 25 % of my time. Or 30% of my time if you add in commuting. (See Faux Friday).

**Crapmonkey was, in fact, coined by my artist and writer friend Mel Stevens. Although my sister really brought its usage to the forefront.


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