Monday, August 5, 2013

The World Inside My Head. And a shameless promotion!

If you happen to call your local library to ask if they have a summer reading program for adults DO NOT ask "Do you have an Adult Books reading club?"

If you are lucky the clueless librarian will  rephrase that question for you, responding "do you mean an adult reading program?"

If you are me, you get the creepy guy who volunteers at the library and responds "the terms of my court order say I am not suppose to discuss that anymore...but we meet once a week in my basement. This week's theme is role playing. Bring your favorite props and a snack to share."

I do not call the library very much anymore. We all prefer it that way.

Sorry. This did not really happen. Except in my head. 
I blame the TODAY show for their program on summer reading programs. And honestly, the librarians I grew up with should shoulder a little bit of the responsibility. I mean, come on. How cool did they make using that date stamper look? 

What are you reading this summer? 
So far I have started World War Z~Max Brooks~ having a little trouble getting through it. Not because of the book but more because of the weird dreams I have when I read or watch anything having to do with zombies.
I finished Let's Talk About Diabetes With Owls ~David Sedaris~ hilarious. But nothing to do with owls. Or Diabetes.
I also read Double Indeminity ~ James M. Cain ~ which was awesome. However my husband is a little concerned that I read it so quickly. 
And currently I am reading Tales from Margaritaville ~ Jimmy Buffet~ fun, quick and silly; and In Search of Nirvana ~ Daryl L. Bradshaw ~ an interesting mystery in the Dan Brown genre. (Plus he is the husband of a friend (Daryl, not Dan. and it is his first novel and again - what better way to use a blog than to promote a friend!)

And - if you are not reading anything, why not give the library a call...


  1. Ha! Good tip on the book club! I occasionally search for one in my area, and they're plentiful but they mostly tend to the extremes of either the creepy basement variety or the literature snob, vodka-swilling set. But I'll keep your advice in mind should I ever call a library looking for one :) (And I'm currently reading The Terror by Dan Simmons. It's.....terrifying.)

    1. Ooo! That's a good one. I read it several years ago- may have to add it to my list again.


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