Thursday, January 9, 2014 that enough 'g's? Because I can add more.

Ah, January. The New Year is coming in like a Sharknado...only with snow...and stupid cold temps...and power outages...but no sharks.

But hey, it's winter, so what did we expect?

Harvey Flamingo and Moe Cabesa the Head are not amused.

Normally, I wind up working if there is a huge storm predicted. This includes, but is not limited to snow, rain, high winds, sharks. Okay, maybe not sharks. This really annoys me. Not because I must brave the elements to get to work but rather because I am a closet weather groupie. (plus wouldn't it be awesome to actually SEE a sharknado.)

The family blames it on the fact that I was born in Oklahoma.

Give me a Defcon 4 weather alert from the local news guys and I am ready and watching the 24 hour coverage.



This storm actually brought on continuous coverage, relocating normal programming to the digital channels. Which was thoughtful as I am also a Today Show junkie. But also ridiculous. It was snowing. And cold. And while we got about seventy three feet fourteen inches of powder, it's not like the snow was DUMPed from a bucket. It vigorously fell for many hours.

This is entirely too much weather map action, even for me.

So, how did I spend my snow day?

Out in the snow. Der!

Look at the professional manner by which I hold onto my poles and the confident manner by which I use my daughter to hold me up.

Because it seems, that while I am a total klutz and completely inept at nearly every sport invented, if you strap two long wooden/fiberglass boards to my feet I become:

Jean-Claude Killy on Downhill Skis

Ester Williams on Water Skis


Some Nordic Dude in a big sweater with a lye preserved fish on Cross-Country Skis.

This may be a slight exaggeration. (and somewhat insulting to those of Nordic descent.) But, in my mind, I am shushing and swishing with enough form to win a 9.5 from the East German Judge. According to my husband I am more of a 911 call waiting to happen, not because of my excessive speed or recklessness but rather because of my ability to stop by flinging my appendages in a circular motion while spinning on my back like a turtle on the highway.

Still, it's nice to have a sport to call your own.
These are the professionals.The quiet day was rudely disrupted by their constant inquiry "Are you okay back there?"

And is there nothing more beautiful than a quiet snowy day.

Until the power goes out at midnight and the temperature is -7 with a wind chill of Frigidaire.

And the river freezes.
No worries New Orleans! We're sending the Ice.

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