Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Writing IS on the Wall

Hi all! Been a crazy month here on the Coast of Illinois, highlighted by a super fun visit from my niece who lives several million miles away. (Okay, she lives in Germany, but still...)
Consequently, I am taking the easy way out and posting a Wordless Wednesday picture. And because I have an unexplainable love of graffiti (as long as it is not too graphic-ly gross or murdery) it was not a difficult choice.
                                                              Happy Wednesday!

disclaimer - this was actually take on Illinois's other coast, the Gold one. But I feel the sentiment is still the same! Go CARDS!

 and... I obviously don't quite get the gist of  'wordless Wednesday'. Hope this doesn't upset anyone. Keep Havin A Good Day!! anyway!
See you next week!

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