Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Nurses Week 2015!

It is once again National Nurses Week!
Observation begins on May 6th and ends on Florence Nightingale's birthday, May 12th.

In that spirit, this post is dedicated to all those nurses out there. I have worked with so many amazing people over the years. We are all so different yet so much alike.

This is my wish for you..

May you get 'the GOOD' assignment.
May all your pages be answered promptly.
May all your computers work and when they don't may ALL handwriting be legible.
May your lunch break be uninterrupted. With the hot food-hot and the cold food-cold.
And may you have a chair.
May all your supplies be readily available.
May your narc count be correct.
May your plantar fasciatis mysteriously disappear.
May there be no 'unusual' odors and no 'interesting' fluids.
and no unidentifiable stains on your clothes.
May you have low re-admission rates and high satisfaction scores.
May you get an occasional 'please'.

And even though you say it isn't necessary, may you also get an occasional ThankYou. 
Because even though Nursing has been voted the most ethical profession, we all know we're big liars!

Happy Nurses' Week!
My Mom and me. Mom is not a 'professional' nurse, but I hear a lot of her wisdom spewing from my mouth most days. And, while I don't usually wear a flower at work, wouldn't that be AWESOME!
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