Monday, October 10, 2016

They All Asked for You...

We are lucky, here on the Coast of Illinois.
We have the St. Louis Zoo.
Hands down, best free zoo in the world. 
Penguins are fans of paparazzi.
Except this guy.

Polar bears are quite a bit larger than on that ice cream wrapper.

A little great ape PDA.

This guy don't care.

Yes. I am a Sea Lion. What's it too you?
And I can swim upside down.

Rhino's prefer thousand island dressing on their salad.

Hippo's enjoy being mysterious.

This cheetah chooses not to run.

A little mother, daughter bonding amongst the Asian elephants.

These shoots are making me thirsty.

Raja, on the left. Born one year after my daughter. Now 100x her size. At least
Ready for my close up.
Still in the throws of major writing doldrum.
Come back again for more pictures from Autumn, here on the Coast of Illinois.


  1. Major writing doldrum here, too. If you discover a cure, please let me know!

    1. So far, I got nothin'! Hoping my upcoming vaca will help. I can feel ideas beginning to swirl...


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