Monday, January 1, 2018

No Plan


A New Year.
I have been pondering today for a while. Trying to come up with a clever 'word' for my new year. Attempting to find a new way to write that first post of the new year.
But I have been unable to devise a plan.

And in looking ahead at the blank Island calendar hanging on the fridge No Plan seems to be the phrase for 2018.

Ordinarily we have at least one trip in the works for the new year.
We have ZERO.
There is a very big maybe hovering over a possible California Wine Country train ride, but so far it is only a random google search for ridiculously overpriced hotels in San Francisco where I am pretty sure everything is coated in chocolate...

I find this lack of travel itineraries unacceptable.
Although I must admit, I am looking forward to many weekends on the fixer-upper boat with a new emergency motor and non-leaking port-a-potty which will allow us to venture past MM4.

I have no real fitness plan. Except to eat more fruits and veggies and avoid any more angioedema episodes which were plagueing me this time last year.

I have no writing plan. Except to really, really, really utilize the wonderful notebook my son gave me for Christmas. And post more routinely here. And post daily at the BRAND NEW Coast of Illinois Facebook page!

I have no dates marked on the new calendar, save for a dentist and hair appointment on the same day in late January.
There are no landmark events, outside of a 60th birthday for a dear friend in 4 short days....and Dad's 80th birthday...and my niece's high school graduation...and Mardi Gras Party day..
But no real plans on how to celebrate any of these things.
Except for Mardi Gras.
That just plans itself...

We entered into this new year with no real plan to celebrate New Year's Eve. The intended movie was sold out. There was no music playing at our favorite local place. It was too dang cold to drive up the coast to a favorite winery. So in an impromptu moment we drove across the rather thick – but not quite frozen – Mississippi to the Broadway Oyster Bar for a snack.
one of those rare days when the Muddy looks more Oceany
It was noted that Rob has been hanging out here for 37 of the 38 years in business claimed on the back of the menu. I am a more modest 35 years.
And in all that time BOB has not been a disappointment.
We wandered in, found a spot at the bar, discovered some interesting 'mountain' music played real strong by a woman on a ukelele and a guy on a drum, and dined on the best BBQ shrimp in the world.
food served on tin plates. has to be good. 
On the way home we both noted that when we don't have a plan we still manage to have the best time.

And it has now occurred to me that my word for 2018 is
IMPROMPTU: Living a life open and ready for anything.
That is exactly the sort of year I wish for each and everyone of you.

Happy New Year 
from the 
Coast of Illinois


  1. Sometimes having no plan can be the best plan. Spontaneity can be a good thing, although it's' no friend of mine! :-) I Like your plan to Except to eat more fruits and veggies though! So you DO have a plan!

    1. i like to play pretty free and loose with the word 'plan'!!

  2. Living spontaneously can be fun. I'm not a huge planner, either.

    1. I love having unscheduled time. However - I really really must have vacation plans in the works...

  3. You always make me laugh out loud. I like your "No Plan" plan. It will keep your blood pressure down and certainly save money! I do hope you continue to write, because many people enjoy reading it, even if it's about nothing. Look how successful Seinfeld was, a show about nothing. Happy New Year!

    1. Ah, Suzanne, you always know what to say to bring me back...thanks!


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