Sunday, January 21, 2018

Paleo What???

I just finished a workout.
I'll let that sink in for a minute...

As I tapped the 'Congratulations! You did it!' button on the app I noticed an actual description of the workout I just completed.
This is not quite verbatim, but close:
Paleo Run
A series of targeted moves interspersed with one minute bursts of cardio, just like our Paleo ancestors use to do.
Our stone aged, paleolithic ancestors did thirty second rounds of squats, glute bridges and wall planks followed by one minute bursts of running?
I don't ever recall Wilma Flintstone or Betty Ruble doing a single triceps dip.
And the only burst of running I recall from that Paleo time capsule was Fred's tiny feet running towards that huge side of ribs.

But, trendy is trendy.
Thank goodness Wilma and Betty didn't try Brontosaurus Yoga...
I am guessing those creatures had even less respect for personal hygeine than do goats...

(As silly as this workout sounds, must admit, I really did like it. Plus it is only 10 minutes and there is a lot of research out there to support High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). And because of that I will name the app – 8-Fit. It is free on the AppStore. Of course you can pay extra for the full features which include meal plans, shopping list and specific training plans. This is an unpaid endorsement. However, 8-fit did manage to make a few bucks off of me.)
According to JoeySaber-Tooth-TigerKatt, this is really how our Paleo ancestors made it through the winter.


  1. There is lots of weirdness in our world today. We just must be open, listen and then make our own decisions. I'm smiling as I write this!!

  2. I'm with the cat. I do exercise though in someway everyday. If I didn't this body would not be able to move. Even hard work is exercise!

  3. I remember Fred walking the car. I like 10 minutes and done. Of course I think I should be more cat like so I may take the cat's side on this exercise!


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