Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is That Your Jib or are You Just Happy to See Me?

(Cabo travelogue is being interrupted for very important boat update. regularly scheduled travel hijinks will resume shortly.)

So today, I helped my husband raise his mast...(insert dirty joke here...)
 (okay, are you through?)
(Fine, just one more...)
seriously, maybe if the US drug companies more sandwich boards to advertise our drugs would be cheaper too. plus, I had to use this pic somewhere...and how else could I add 'super viagra' to the search words?

The REAL mast – 22.5 feet of hand lathed Douglas fir – just like the Christmas Trees, only bigger. Sounds like a minor feet to those that sail however, this is our hand-made sail boat and Rob likes to point out that the plans are sometimes more of just suggestions. However, we hoisted that puppy up with the aid of a climbing rope and a rubber mallet.

He adjusted the stays – fore-stay and ...stays.... and then it was time to test my handiwork. The jib was attached and hoisted unceremoniously to the top. And, it held together! It even flapped a little before filling with air, just as it should!

note the tiny emblem in the tack corner -SailRite- (ahem, unpaid advertisement...ahem, made it myself...)

For a brief moment we both stood back and admired the site of our boat, standing majestically in our gravel driveway on the Coast of Illinois. I can speak only for myself, but for a moment I am sure we felt the warm breezes of the Caribbean tacking along with the thirty degree February afternoon. 

Okay, not very Caribbean but I was in Mexico when this was taken.*

*Awesome sailing photo of me is by my traveling amiga and friend Mel Somerick, anesthetist and photographer extraordinaire. It had to be added as a way for me to remind everyone to check back soon for more on our adventures in Cabo! or Locked Up Abroad, St Louis edition!

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