Sunday, February 24, 2013


Golden. A word sometimes used to describe that perfect set of circumstances when everything is working at its absolute best. I first noted a 'golden' existence back in my ER days – my co-workers were interesting, fun and each brought a different set of skills to the room so that when we had to kick things into high gear, it worked. For a brief moment in time, we were golden.

I am not talking about those magical moments with friends or family. Those moments are so much more personal and fluid. I am talking about those periods of time outside that world of house and home; those periods of time when all the players are brought together for a purpose.

Like a sports team. Or a club. Or work.

I work within a large and varied department. But, because of the nature of our work, which calls for more than a little reliance on one another, it feels like a family. And just like a family we have our favorites and our differences and our weird Aunts and odd Uncles. Which brings me to last night.

I attended a work function to celebrate a friend. The circumstances which led us to this night of celebration were unthinkable but our friend was there. We were all together, nearly every aspect of our work family represented. One of our eccentric family, the musical cousin if you will, said it best, "We are here to raise you up, brother." I hope that we succeeded. But here's the thing. I feel that in our attempts to cheer and support our friend and co-worker, we ourselves were 'raised up'. We may not always agree, or even get along but at this moment in time we are golden.

And that's whats funny about those golden moments. It seems to me that the more you recognize those times in life that are as close to perfect as they can be, the more of these moments you are given.

And that is the best gift of all. 

You know my feelings on palm trees...

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