Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Spreading some Sunshine...

It is the last full day of winter. Here on the Coast of Illinois we have had rain, sleet, snow, lightning and thunder, more rain, wind and did I mention sleet and rain. All of this has been withing the last 48 hours. Today it is 31degrees...damp and windy...with a chance for snow.*

Which is why I am having my morning coffee in Miami.

I am sorry. Was the SoundMachine being too noise? I'll just talk to Gloria. (Give it a minute...there you go!)    
Enjoy it now fellow Coasters. When July rolls around and we think we have accidently moved to the surface of the sun we will be reminiscing about March with the conviction** of Lindsay Lohan argueing her case to the traffic courts.

*Yes, I know my friends in the Great White North will laugh at my whining and point out that they still can't find the dog they let out because the snow drifts covered him up. I am sorry but seriously, you are so far from the equator that really, what do you expect. I mean, Great and White are in the informal title of your part of the country. Put on your big snow pants and join me in the Great State of Delusion.

**Perhaps 'conviction' was a poor choice of words?

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