Monday, March 18, 2013

Stupid Two Day Weekends!

This will be short and sweet as I am running late for work on this Monday morning and the fact that the news is reporting on an Ambulance being stolen isn't helping. Really you guys? Have you not seen the signs with CD's on a car seat that says "This is what a thief sees?"
I am pretty sure that when a thief sees an unattended running ambulance what they actually see is a sign that says: Truck Full Of Drugs. Help Yourself!

Anyway - attended my first official ParrottHead function this weekend. (For those unfamiliar with 'parrottheads' - no, it is not weird deformity although it may be considered a disease, mostly by my kids who are regretting hooking me up to satellite radio and Margaritaville. Parrottheads are die hard Jimmy Buffett fans.

Visions of Palm Trees and Boat Drinks, right?

Coast of Illinois. Its St. Patricks Day. Its Snowing.
Try Rain/Sleet/Snow. But, good music, good wine and new friends. Happy Monday!

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