Friday, February 7, 2014

Like a Speedometer, Only with Words

It happened!

Page views hit 10,000!!! (actually 10003!!)*
Oh sure, break that down over the 18 months I have been doing this and we are looking at an average 555 to 555.72 views per month. Some of those Big Box Blogs have 10000 views a day but do they have readers in Italy?
How about Brazil?
And China???

But do they know people in those places?
I don't know anyone in those countries and as my husband pointed out, our nephew the world traveler can't be in all those countries at once.
So, you have only yourselves to blame!
And to that I need to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the encouragement your views give me. Thank you for the comments, although rare, still important. And Thank you for coming back again, even after your web search for 'fifty year old woman + underwear' brought you to me.

I promise never to doubt you. Or judge...

I feel like the Queen of the World! Altho JoeyKatt prefers to think of me as the human in control of the food cupboard.

*As of this posting the views were up to a whopping 10024! Which puts me at a solid 556 views per month. And that is about all the math I can do today.


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