Friday, February 14, 2014

This Pretty Much Sums up Today

Was hoping to have a pleasant Valentine's Day. Off work,writing a new blog post, doing a little shopping, working on the novel that has been bugging me all week, cooking a fancy-schmancy dinner... 
But instead...
I am going to work because of a little thing called 'being on call'.
Oh, and it's sleeting...

So here is my thought on today:
and it's 'Modern Art' so there's that culture factor

Underwear for Valentine's Day.
Always Sexy...

*The World's Largest Underpants, along with wonders too numerous to mention, can be found at the City Museum. It is in the City. It is like no other 'museum' in the world. Because there is a school bus hanging off the roof. And an ancient ferris wheel. On the roof. And a 10 story slide...


  1. Aww, man, too bad about having to go into work unexpectedly! and that museum sounds really interesting...

    1. Work turned out fine. And the City Museum is amazing. If you ever find yourself in St. Louis it is a must see.

  2. These make me think of the scene in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles when Steve Martin used Jon Candy's Underpants to whip his face off!

    1. The WL Underpants were stolen for a time from the museum. Possibly they are one and the same???

  3. Hello Laura
    Your blog is one of the funniest I have read for a while - I looked at some of your archives and enjoyed every minute of them. I will have to mark that museum as one place to go if we are ever in your part of the world.
    Thanks for the laughs (and smiles) looking forward to your next post
    Take care

    1. Why thank you so much Cathy. The best compliment is that I made someone laugh. There is just too much in the world that is un-funny.


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