Monday, September 22, 2014

Yoga Anywhere...Almost...

I have been doing yoga on and off for approximately forty years. Initially, I yoga-ed along with Lillis on PBS. It wasn't long until I ventured off on my own with a yoga book, complete with photo instruction for such advance poses as LION and AID FOR STOMACH DIGESTION.
I didn't have a formal lesson until somewhere around 2005.
This is nothing to be proud of...
Currently my professional instruction is intermittent. I tend to depend on an AM Yoga DVD. The instructor, who totally rocks a terrifying speedo, lulls me into a pleasant stretch from his beach in Hawaii. And I am very content to do Mountain Pose and Cow Stretch in the comfort of my jammies on my living room floor.

Until this weekend.

Fueled by a recent segment of celebrities posting pictures of themselves doing yoga ANYWHERE and the undeniable desire to make a fool of myself...
I give you:
  Sun Salutation
on a moving boat
without a life vest
and only a cell phone camera
and not a smart phone
and definitely not one with an airbrush app.
unless your home IS a sailboat
and you have super good balance
and can swim.
 Vertical Boob Plank
This is very dangerous. Do not attempt in sports bra, cami or if you are less than a C-cup.

Stripper Pole

Not to be confused with the beginner move Balancing Mast.
 Which may or may not be a sailing porn site. 
I don't know.
Perturbed Wife.
Flowing into Annoyed Husband and ending in Swimming Plank.

(seriously, are my boobs really that huge? I may never wear that t-shirt again. Or always.)

Sun Salutation
Wide stance variation
because the boat was actually moving
pretty quickly.


DISCLAIMER: doing yoga on the bow of a moving sailboat is not sanctioned by the American Sailing Association, the Federal and State Park Departments, and everyone with the tiniest amount of good sense.


  1. Very amusing! Thanks for the morning grin!

    1. thank you Mithra. as silly as I look, I do really enjoy yoga!

  2. Replies
    1. I think it comes for many years of gym class fails, Sharon!

  3. Thank you for a good laugh! :o
    I don't think I get that channel with the yoga instructor on the beach... Darn :(

    1. Actually, the beach lesson is on a DVD - Gaiam's AM/PM Yoga for beginners by Rodney Yee. The AM is a really good 15 minute stretch. The PM lesson is taught by a woman and is also really good but a lot more strenuous. Yes, You too can own a video of a stretchy man on a beach!!

  4. OOOH I found the sailboat! Have to come back to find the rest of her after work...


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