Monday, September 29, 2014

I Guess I Answered My Own Question...

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I admit it.
I routinely skip over the terrorist news stories, the local shootings, the sports team scandals.
News that is sensationalized is not for me.
George Clooney's wedding is making me smile.

It is also making me ask: Why not me, George? Why?

Is it because I found your breakthrough performance on Facts of Life rather forced and silly?
Is it because you were always outside the top three on my 'list' behind a rotation of Sean Connery, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig? (Keep in mind George, that while you remained in spots four or five, Misters Connery and Ford eventually fell off the top to be replaced by Johnny Depp and that long haired guy who played the Bedouin in The Mummy. You have always been a firm four or five.)
Is it because I was already married?

I have always defended you, George. Defended you to my friends who felt you were a womanizer. Defended you to those who felt you were dating women entirely too young. Defended you to my daughter when she mistakenly thought you were a good twenty years too old for ME. (We are a mere six weeks apart, George. Six weeks and one state apart, George.)

Sure, my taste in celebrity has been described as ...quirky....
Hadji from Johnny Quest
Woody Allen in Annie Hall
Gene Wilder in Silver Streak
Look at what these men and cartoon boy have in common – a gently, wounded spirit determined to do what is best and right for the world. (okay...maybe I was more enamored of Woody's relationship with Annie Hall....and Annie's style...)
But I digress...

You should be proud to be included in this list George.
You support your causes, not with ridiculous instagram photos but with honest, educated speeches. You may date younger woman, but honestly, they were all quite beautiful and your relationships appeared to be one at a time and not a macrame plant hanger of models and b-list actresses.

So I raise my cup of coffee to you and your new bride Amal.
May you have many, many happily married years.

And you are still a solid four on my list.


  1. Yes, George deserves every bit of happiness. And what a gorgeous couple they are!

    1. They are indeed! I find myself smiling every time a story pops up on-line about them! It is actually quite nice to see a relatively 'normal' celebrity being all glamorous.

  2. My tastes are off the beaten path, too. For example, Mike Myers and Weird Al would be on my laminated list, as would Robert Downey Jr.

    I hope Amal and George are happy.

    1. I always wanted to set my sister up with Mike Meyers!! lol!! And fingers crossed for Amal and George - we need a little happy glamor in the news!

  3. I'm not actually sure I've ever seen much with George Clooney in it, so I don't know how i feel about him, but I'd venture to guess that Johnny Depp is on every list that exist. When I still had dreams of becoming an actress I wanted to play Captain Jack's long-lost daughter in Pirates 5, and yes, the movie and plotline only exist in my head. haha!


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