Saturday, April 1, 2017

Altitudinal Attitude

Seriously, how can you have an attitude when you see this....
Have you ever noticed how, the minute you step out of the car or the plane and that warm salt ocean breeze gusts a welcome hug, all the worry in your brain just melts away?

Or is that just me?

Of course, the ocean tends to give me more of a slap, but still...

There's a lot to be said for the for that beach attitude: chilled out, relaxed, no worries, mon.

Naturally, I have a theory.

I live 760 miles from the nearest ocean access and about 464 miles above sea level.

283 miles to Memphis – no longer care that the train commute to work makes me nauseated.

418 miles to Huntsville – the kids are fine.

702 miles to Floribama – wonder if Rob could grow a mullet for that contest they have.

760 miles to Destin – 401-Schmore-o-one, I could get by just fine being a diner waitress.
2072 miles to Tortola - I have children? A job? That's just crazy talk...

Take me further from home, out into the open sea and I forget there is a whole world out there acting like a big overgrown baby.

Its not just the latitude, as that one guy likes to sing about, its the attitude.

Chicken and egg?

Potato, po-tah-to?

I guess it has to do with the curve of the earth or the down slope of the Mississippi River Valley...whatever...

For every mile down hilll I travel, I lose a daily stress.

This phenomenon is not related only to sea level.

When we travel to the mountains – 9052 miles above sea level- the same thing happens.

But, where sea level is a bare foot, dread lock my hair, I'll catch a fish for dinner feel; the mountains are more of a calico skirt, change my name to Trellis, let me weave you a pair of pants while that loaf of bread bakes in the wood fire stove.

Which, using scientific deduction (don't try this at home) can only mean one thing.

Stress is found at exactly or midway between ocean and sky.

Looks like its time to call the movers.

Coast of Illinois A-Z Rules of Beach Life

A: Attitude is everything. Find that place which clears away all the bad stuff, puts a smile on your face, makes you the person you want to be and grab hold of the feeling. Don't hoard it deep within yourself but let it permeate through out your very being. Create a tidal wave, a tsunami, of happy around you and let it wash over everyone you meet.

So, this was A of the April A to Z challenge.

Come back on Monday for the letter B...

(We get Sundays off. heehee)


  1. Ah, the vacation mode. No matter where you go, that happens. It's a wonderful thing, that attitude adjustment. Alana

    1. my goal in life is to maintain that vacation attitude every day!


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