Monday, April 10, 2017

Good Grief! Life Happens!

Well. My experiment with writing daily hit a bit of a skid this weekend. Sure, I have been brain writing most of the time. Problem is, my brain just refuses to auto-download to the page.

Consequently, the letter G and the letter H are being forced to co-habitate.
And get slightly gypped.
The plan had been for G to be 'glasses – as in sun' and possibly 'grouper'. The photo would have been priceless....
H was a little tricky. I was planning on investigating the word 'helio', which I have been told refers to the sun.

But instead G and H are getting this: Good Grief! Life Happens!

And as it turns out, as I was contemplating this post in the shower this morning, Good Grief! Life Happens! Is actually one of the fundamental secrets to a landlocked beach life.

I work in healthcare and frequently get the luxury of a three day weekend. This weekend, however, was a one and three quarter day weekend, once again, because I work in healthcare. Translate that into a half day meeting on Saturday.
The rest of the weekend was spent catching up in prep for this work week.
The bi-annual closet switch out from winter to summer; laundry; Target run; dinner plans; cooking prep for Sunday; gardening; laundry...
You get the idea.
Most of you live the idea.

Many of the things I wanted to do: have coffee with my folks, coffee with my friends, write, read a portion of the magazine stack threatening to become a room divider; none of these happened.
Sure, I know the saying, you make time for the things you really want to do.
I hate that saying.
All it does is fertilizer my ever productive guilt.

I managed to talk with my mom on speaker phone while I cleaned out my closet. Which was a great distraction for a painfully awful chore. My friends are just as mired down in life and we all know it will happen eventually.
Those magazines will look great in the grade school recycle bin...

The take-away?
Stuff will always get in the way.
Sometimes you can prevent it. Other times you can work around it.
But there are times when the number of hours needed just don't compare with the hours available.
And its okay.

Good Grief! Life Happens.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
One of my favorite beach shots - a impromptu peace sign in Destin, Florida.
Coast of Illinois's SECRETS to a Landlocked Beach Life***
F- F-Flip Flops. Love them, wear them, don't call them Thongs.
E - Extravagance, everyday should be so
D - Drinks, may all your responsibly enjoyed drinks be boat/beach drinks*

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Click on the link, page down to the comments and check out some of the other posts from participants!  (So, I was a little late this time, Friday became my day off, rather than this coming Sunday. It took awhile to dig the Flip flops out of the closet...)


  1. I did the AtoZ last year and it certainly was a challenge! I was too late to start this year but I couldn't think of a theme. You do what you can but life gets in the way sometimes and it is also hard to write if you just aren't feeling it. Have a great week and keep going and enjoy life!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

    1. This year is really kicking my butt. But it is good mental exercise to at least think about...


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