Saturday, April 8, 2017

Flip FLop

Ah, the Flip Flop.
A fun sound to make. 
A fun name to say.
A successful home show on HGTV.
And once, a sort of insulting political campaign...
The Flip Flop.
The quintessential summer shoe.
A little research revealed a history dating back to ancient Egypt. The current incarnation dates from the 50's, post WWII when service men discovered the convenience and comfort of a similar sandal worn by the Japanese.

I think I got my first pair of Flip Flops when I was around 8 or 9. There was concern over my inability to walk in a full coverage shoe, let alone one that only covered the bottom of my feet. As I recall, there were weeks of blisters from the tab between my Big Toe and the little piggy which always stayed home. And just about the time the blisters were healed and I could walk without tripping, the plug, which held the tab in place would flip out of the rubber sole. It was replaceable, to a point, at which the entire rubber sole would rip in two.
Wasn't there a Beatles song called Rubber Sole?
It is beginning to make sense.....

Those first Flip Flops cost about a buck.

Fast forward about 50 years.

There are the old school Flip Flips.
You know, for public showers...
not my original pair, but very very close
There are Flip Flops which promise to firm your thighs and butt.
I can't really testify to this, but I will say these were a life saver when the dreaded plantar fasciitis hit.
These had the potential to be the most expensive pair of flip flops I have ever seen. I purchased them on sale with a coupon and a rewards card.
And the Fancy Flip Flop.
Real gemstones? Only my bank account knows for sure. 
This is just a small cross-section of what's available. No matter what the style, a good pair of Flip Flops can get you just about anywhere.
Just don't call them 'Thongs'.
Especially in front of your children, or hipsters, or men...

Coast of Illinois's SECRETS to a Landlocked Beach Life***
F- Flip Flops. Love them, wear them, don't call them Thongs.
E - Extravagance, everyday should be so
D - Drinks, may all your responsibly enjoyed drinks be boat/beach drinks*

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Click on the link, page down to the comments and check out some of the other posts from participants!  (So, I was a little late this time, Friday became my day off, rather than this coming Sunday. It took awhile to dig the Flip flops out of the closet...)


  1. I adore flip flops and that's all I wear in the summer! Thank goodness they make orthotic ones now. Does anyone still call them 'thongs'? I thought that was the term for 'butt floss' underwear. ☺

    1. I still call them 'thongs' to which I get uproarious laughter...


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