Monday, November 19, 2012

Hairnet Roundup 11-19-2012

The Hairnet Spotters have been uber-busy this week. I have received Net photos from all over the Greater Coastal Area. And with those photos we have come closer to understanding the lifespan and life style of the Common Mid-American Hairnet. (Don't be afraid. If you are new to the CoastofIllinois - check here for some background.)

Here we have an extremely rare photo of Hairnet DNA. 

The Building Block of Life

Notice the typical double helix design. But, if you look closely you will notice the beginning formation of the capsule or 'net'. This is the portion of the DNA strand that begins to break apart, forming the waffle weave normally associated with our Hairnets. This allows for maximum stretch to cover a wide variety of heads and hair-dos.

Here we have a mature Net. Take note of the residual DNA column extending from the bulky center. 

In Sight...It must be Right...

Most Nets are responsible and generally follow in the food service industry tradition of their fore-bearers. This particular Net was employed at a well known Fresh Food Restaurant known for its BeanCrock.

Our next Net is at the end of its life cycle. Sadly, it has not fared as well as its free floating brethren tumbling along sidewalks and parking garages to the whim the breeze. No, this poor Net has taken refuge in the corner of a convenient elevator, hiding amongst bits of paper and plastic; a sad attempt at maintaining coverage of something...anything...

A Hairnet is such a Terrible thing to Waste

I have included this final picture as a cautionary footnote lest Readers, you have forgotten how truly dangerous the Hairnet can be.

License to Lunch...Lady....

 Observe the heavy polyurethane containment device holding the Nets in a neat stack. This establishment is taking no chances with its Hairnet protocol. To the left you will see an emergency telephone. To the right please note the professional Hairnet Dispensing License as well as a Hairnet Safety Checklist Clipboard. And lastly, below the Containment Device an emergency release valve. Should the Nets dispense too quickly, the Hairnet Safety Office is charged with the task twisting the release valve thus filling the room with an ozone decimating layer of AquaNet.

Thanks to all my Hairnet Spotters. With your diligence and quick phone-camera snapping the Coast of Illinois, nay, the World is a safer place!

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