Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh Don't Get Your Pantaloons and Petticoats in a Bunch

I really try my best to stay out of politics. I find political arguments discussions are a major trigger to stomach upset, migraines and the occasional black eye. Yet, post election there is talk of states seceding from the Union. I assumed it was just Internets chatter from people who had depleted their stock of cute kitten pictures. But on my commute to work I took note of the beginning invasion and I feel it is my civic duty to state the obvious:

Robert E. Lee! If the South is gonna rise again then fellows, you are gonna need a bigger boat!

I do declare! Fix me another one of them juleps. This invasion is gonna take forever.

The content of this blog is for entertainment purposes only It is not meant as an indictment of any of the fine states of this great nation or its citizens, no matter how silly. In fact, the author of this blog loves sweet tea, grits and the Gulf Coast. And cotton. She loves cotton. Not too fond of tobacco but man she loves cotton...except for the ironing. No riverboat captains were injured in the writing of this blog however, the author's ego took a beating from the smirks and laughter of her fellow train riders as she snapped a dozen photos of the coastline we see Every Single Day. But seriously, it was 0730 in the morning and there was an actual steaming riverboat traveling up the Mississippi. Oh wait, the author is being informed that the riverboat actually has a diesel engine and the paddle wheel is just for show.

Well, crapmonkey.

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