Sunday, November 4, 2012

Osmotic Carbo-Loading...its a thing

Thanks to the haranguing encouragement of a co-worker (Karen) I downloaded the C25K app onto my iPod. This adorable (because its free) app promises to have you running a 5K in just three-thirty minute a week for eight weeks workouts. I should point out here that I have NO interest in running a 5K. I DO have an interest in purchasing a new pair of jeans from the GAP in my current or smaller size without the scrawny 40K running salesclerk rolling her eyes when I step into the changing room.

I managed to 'jog'/walk through my first thirty minute workout without taking a break but frankly, if they don't want you to stop then they shouldn't include a 'pause' feature. And FYI Chirpy Disembodied Female Voice – I need more encouragement than 'you're halfway there'. I want encouragement in the form of 'Your butt is going to look like Selma Hayak's in those new jeans' or 'Is that the phone? It has to be Victoria's Secret calling for their holiday runway show'. As it was, I am pretty sure I heard a tone every time she said 'begin your run now'. For some people 4.5 miles an hour is running.

Did I mention that I was watching the FoodNetwork while on the treadmill? Oh, and the guy was making a (I am not kidding here) Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich with Bacon.

I am pretty sure that Chirpy Disembodied Female Voice deleted my Day One success check.

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