Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Defiance, the Actual Town in Missouri...

So, I caved and watched the new TVseries Defiance on ScyFy.

 I like science fiction.

 I like 'good' bad movies with lots of cool special effects...or effects...

I was happily surprised by the show. It was sort of Sons of Anarchy with fewer tattoos but more...weird facial features. Sort of Game of Thrones with fewer dwarfs but more...albinos with graft skin. (Yes, their skin appears to be more like graft paper and less like...skin that isn't like graft paper...) MadMen with fewer fashionable outfits and snappy, symbolic dialogue and sex scenes but more...sex scenes. (Okay, one sex scene. But it was pretty hot. Fuzzy, but hot.)

The show nicely identifies our most notable landmark – the Gateway Arch. And it seems that our Arch holds some sort of mystical secret to the town of St. Louis now named Defiance.

But...Does anyone not from the Coast of Illinois realize that there is already a town in Missouri named Defiance?

Well, there is. But, it is surprisingly similar to the TV show which is now its namesake but with more Daniel Boone and winery stuff and fewer aliens.

However, there is a nice little BikerBar there.

And, I can tell you right now. Our Defiance Bikers would have totally kicked those creepy Lizard-bot Aliens' asses but with fewer cold fusion ray guns and more delightful crisp Missouri wine....

Of course the Arch doesn't fall with a piece missing. Everyone knows Eero Saarinen actually just buried a really huge clothes hanger sideways in the ground...


  1. Actually, I've never dared put my nose into the biker bar. Harley intimidation, I think. I may have to be brave.

    1. I have never actually gone in either, Richard. But I have gingerly tapped one of the bikes...

  2. and how ScyFy is the name Eero Saarinen? will they use it in the series?

  3. and if my comment is visible after approval, how still do you not know I'm not a super cool new improved robot with great screen reading and typing ability?

    1. I am willing to take my chances Anonymous...if that's really your name...


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