Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Spring...And the Hairnets are Easy...

I caught a glimpse of it just yesterday morning...the final sign that winter is over...that's right, I spotted The Last Hairnet Of Winter!
                                                  (dramatic look)

Anybody got a ticket to Orlando? I have had enough of Midwest winters.

It was lying on the sidewalk, hidden under a crumbling leaf. Its weave was tattered from constant buffeting by transitional breezes.

Hairnet sightings have been down dramatically this past season. There were a couple of interior spottings but none which were caught on camera. I was witness to two:

One in an elevator where the Suit and I discussed who should actually pick the thing up and toss it. I did not document this spotting. The seventeen floor ride did not seem lengthy enough to explain what I was doing.

The other sighting was more disturbing. The Net was lying in front of the elevator directly in the path of Civilians. Putting my sense of cleanliness above my sense of self preservation, I picked the stray Net up between thumb and forefinger and gritting my teeth into a pleasant smile tossed it into the trash. The psychic scream emitting from my brain was heard for hours.

Yesterday's sighting was much less dramatic and a little sad. I began to wonder if Rogue Hairnets were going the way of pay phones and two dollar per gallon gas.

I need not have worried.

On the walk back to my car to return home yesterday afternoon I spotted no less than three tiny Netlets. Baby Hairnets. Trying out their tumbleweed ability as they fluttered from a fence and the broken concrete on a nearby construction site.

Welcome to Spring on the Coast of Illinois.

want more info on Rogue Hairnets? Click here... Oh! That Explains Everything!

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