Monday, November 3, 2014


Welcome November!

Autumn is officially in the air. The cupboard is stocked with rejected Halloween candy and Thanksgiving is only four short weeks away!
Most importantly, my long awaited sailing school adventure is drawing near.
That's right. The Coast of Illinois is taking a road trip.
To an actual Coast!
Actually, an Island...but more on that later.

Consequently, I am in the inevitable pre-vacation tailspin.
I need to pack.
Do laundry so I can pack.
Stock the house with food for our now adult children who are on house and cat duty.
Buy cat food.
Update our will.
Be sure the kids know where all our important papers are.
Clean the house so it is clean when I get back.
Remind the adult children where the cleaning supplies are so THEY can have the house clean before I get home.
Clean anyway.

And to add to the frenzy, this vacation came with HOMEWORK!
I loved homework when I was a kid.
Now it's all I can do to read a newspaper.
The US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification book is ninety-one pages long. I have had the book since April. I just finished it today.
Thankfully, I have a little more time plus at least three different airplanes to complete my studying.

I am alternating between little kid excited jitters and full blown nausea.

I would also like to present a challenge. 
Look closely. that's a navigational chart. I can't even use a GPS.
Thanks to the wonderful world of internets, I have become acquainted with a wonderful website- Adventures of Empty Nesters, and its founder Suzanne. She has begun a campaign to #findAdventure.
The idea is just that – find adventure in your life. It doesn't have to be a graded sailing trip. It could be a new restaurant you have been thinking of trying. Or a new exercise routine. Maybe a new language or instrument.
Shake it up!
Stretch you boundaries!
Open your eyes to the new and interesting. 
There is something to be said for stepping outside that comfort zone. (For me it is simultaneous cravings for and repulsion of bologna.Don't ask. I'm sure it is a comfort thing.)
And as you do, post your pictures and comments on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag: #findAdventure

Oh, and one more thing - you can now find me on Instagram! Search for 'Coastofillinois' then follow me! At present there is only one picture up there, but hopefully, I will get all the bugs worked out soon.

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  1. Well, so sorry Mr. Boycott. Clearly you have issues. Lucky for us both, we live in a country that allows each person to have an opinion. Best wishes and good luck finding your special lady.


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