Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mini Hairnet Roundup 10-03-2012

Sorry for the delay but had to spend the day Head First, Waist Deep in a closet. How does one person wind up owning 16 white blouses and a Stevie Nick's bell-sleeved belly shirt? And don't even get me started on the number of thongs. I don't even wear them yet somehow they show up in the underwear drawer. Okay, I had one. It was worn one time as a social experiment at an as still un-named family gathering. Apparently it was a pregnant thong and has given birth to tiny baby thongs of its own. If any one is interested in adopting one, please DO NOT let me know. However, I am pretty sure there is a professional that would be willing to help you out.

Now, on to the regularly scheduled round-up.

Hairnet sightings have been on the decrease. It is assumed the Nets are migrating south. This is just a ruse. Be alert People. They are merely waiting and watching for the first crisp fall afternoon.

What is more disturbing? My friend's shirtless neighbor. Apparently he is ALWAYS not wearing a shirt. Even when he is interrupted 'cooking'. To the gentlemen (whom I assume were roped into reading this by the mention of 'thong' – like how I worked that to my advantage?): Guys, we love you but unless you are Daniel Craig or Denzel Washington leave your shirt on while cooking. Seriously.

And, speaking of cooking...
Check out Pious Kitchen Lady! Providing cooking tips and fashion advice two or three times a week, who can tell...she is awfully busy...

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