Friday, October 5, 2012

The New Algonquin

I will admit it. I love Facebook. Yes, I understand that this much cyber contact can be an issue for children and I am thankful that I did not have to deal with Facebook when my kids were in school. But I am an adult and being an adult, I enter into social interactions with an adult attitude....and I have only had to resort to the tried and true 'I know you are but what am I' once or twice...

Why do I enjoy Facebook so much? It offers a quick glimpse into people's lives, lets us share photos and events and random thoughts and at times allows for instantaneous interactions with people around the world. Let me put this into perspective.

I grew up with a party line telephone. There were three or four other families on our phone line. I think each phone had a certain ring so you knew if the call was yours. I was in grade school so didn't get that many phone calls. However, on the rare occasion that I urgently needed to call my friend down the road I would pick up the phone and check to see if anyone else was using the line – you could tell by the conversation you were inadvertently eaves dropping on. Proper upbringing taught me to get off the line if someone else was on it. But, the best was when I would pick up the phone and my friend, who I was just about to call, had also just picked up the phone!

Who knew that a short 40 years later I would be able to do the very same thing but ON A COMPUTER!

Anyway. My point here is this: Facebook is fun. It is a great way to communicate with many people. It also seems to have the ability to turn grownups into 4th graders.  As adults we do have to be careful what we post. Clearly all out attacks on people is bad form Yet, if I chose to make fun of MYSELF by calling my self a geezer that is my choice. You are free to comment on my geezerdom but you are NOT allowed to reprimand me for attacking a certain group of people. Unless of course the Geezers of America don't want me to be a member ...

Have a great Weekend Everyone! See you on the FAcebook...but keep those damn balls out of my yard!

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