Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallow-Hairnet-een!

It is Halloween!
Crappy economy! Constant campaign phone calls and attack ads! Frankenstorms!
Like it could get any scarier out there...

But, Hairnet Spotters, it has. We have had an Private Interior Hairnet Spotting! Not only was this a PIHS, it was also Spotter Julie's first sighting. We could, of course, wonder about the security of her home and possibly the alliances of the person responsible for bringing the Hairnet in...but here on the Coast of Illinois we are more about saving lives than pointing fingers.

The Hairnet breach occurred last weekend as Julie was setting up her Very Topical Reality Television Halloween costume. She ripped open the package and whup (BAM! Would be more dramatic but Hairnets rarely go BAM!) the albino Net fell onto her table. In Julie's own words:

"Once I realized what I had my hands on (not a harmless fake beard!) I snapped a quick photo (as proof of my bravery) and then threw it in the OUTSIDE trash can! Whew! I washed my hands thoroughly (2 rounds of "Happy Birthday!) and sprayed Lysol liberally, making sure to rid the house if any bad juju."

"The sneaky infidel is masquerading inside the package of a hair called "The Savior." Blasphemy!"

Way to go Julie! Handled like a true professional. And an Albino Hairnet too boot! This may be our first observation of Hairnet Adaption.
They are adapting.
 But, they are also SPAWNING:

Jeez! Get a room. 

Be Wary out there people. Let this be a warning to us all. Hairnets are everywhere. They are getting sneakier. And, once you start seeing them.....wait, what's that on the floor....NOOOOoooo....

(No bloggers were actually injured in this writing. That last bit was just for fun.)
((Coast of Illinois is a non-denominational public service. The use of the words 'Infidel', 'Savior' and "Albino' are not meant to profile anyone.))
(((Thanks again to Mel for the horrifying spawn photo. And to Julie - welcome to the club!)))

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