Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Do You Mean! They Don't Teach This in School?

I got my hair cut this past weekend. I have been looking for a new hairdresser for a while and I really wanted to like this new place. The girls were super chirpy and giggly, the salon design was totally sleek and modern. And who doesn't want their hairdresser to be named 'Fringe'???

We were laughing and chatting when it happened. I was performing my duties as Ambassador of Coast of Illinois and telling the new girl about the many great and awesome places to go around here and of course, Blueberry Hill came up. I mentioned the delicious burgers and told her a little history of the place and then mentioned that the owner is friends with Chuck Berry.

Her reply?
 'Who's Chuck Berry?'

That does it. I officially have to start stuffing used tissues into all my pockets and stealing pink sugars from restaurants. Oh, and I am going to need to find someone to finish cutting my hair...

Johnny B Good and listen to something other than Lady Gaga

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  1. Laura, I think you might be eligible for the Fallen Pagan Goddess Crone gang.


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