Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hairnet Round-up 10-11-12!!

Its 10-11-12! What better day to do announce a new Hairnet spotter in our midst?

Once again, we were walking to the parking lot after a long hard day of waking people up and giving them drugs to put them back to sleep. My friend, whom we shall call Shirley, was lamenting the fact that she had yet to spot a Hairnet. As with most non-spotters, I believe she secretly considered us nuts.

But that was before...

We turned onto Hairnet Alley (the side street which runs between parking garages and gunfire) when she stopped dead in her tracks. Her outstretched hand was rock steady as she pointed to the ground. Only her quavering voice gave her away. "Cheese and Crackers! Is that one?" Lying on the ground at her feet was a large heavy mesh sack with ties. We pondered the item and its possible uses but ultimately we concluded that it was indeed a hair containment device. A MUTATED hair containment device! Its uses too horrifying to mention. Implementing all the Hairnet Safety Protocols, we cautiously took a warning photo and moved along.

We spotted three smaller Hairnets within 100 feet of the Mutation. Clearly what Shirley discovered was The Mother Ship!

Do not doubt the Hairnets! They do exist! They do!

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