Monday, January 14, 2013

And Tonight, Playing Herself....

I was telling a co-worker about a dream I had the other night. In the dream my husband was trying to save me from some LesMiz style of consumption-riddled, tooth-selling, semi-prostituting demise. But, here's the catch, my husband was played by Bill Murray. And I wasn't 'me'. I was playing someone else...who was playing me...being someone else...

To which my co-worker replied, 'Oh my!'. She then muttered something about wondering what it would be like to take a little trip through the avenues of my mind.

And she moved her chair to the far end of our desk.

But it left me wondering about the dream. Could it be I am unhappy with my husband and wish to replace him with a former comedian turned serious actor? Am I seeking a way to become someone else? Do I want to experience the squalor of pre-revolutionary France or is is just that I really want to lose thirty pounds by what ever means necessary? Is this some cosmic way of telling me to embrace the inner me and learn to love a Chicago accent?

I have no idea. But when I mentioned the casting choice to my husband he said he was okay with it, stating that Bill Murray really has come into his own as an actor. And then he inquired as to the physical attributes of the woman I was 'playing'.

In your dreams your dreams...

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