Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yup, I made that bad boy....

I have never been much of a risk taker, preferring to make decisions based on how much bodily pain or parental guilt will be involved. Yet, it seems that 2013 is not going to be a year for the timid.
Most recently of note: I completed the jib for our hand built sailboat. For those unfamiliar with sailing terminology, ahem, like me – A jib is a triangular staysail that sets ahead of the foremast of a sailing vessel . (thank you wikipedia.)

I was initially not on board (har har) with making the sails for our boat. However, my husband pointed out that after nearly three years of HAND BUILDING it just seemed wrong to put a manufactured sail from the HAND BUILT mast. (I am capitalizing HAND BUILT/BUILDING as I am quite sure that is how it was pronounced.) So it was with much trepidation that my twenty seven year old Kenmore portable sewing machine and I took to the task.

The sail came in 6 pieces from a company called Sailrite. They take great pride in their sail kits, offering YouTube videos and detailed instruction, some of which is HAND written on everything from using the non-spinning spool of thread to attaching the sticker that proclaims to the world that you have indeed made one of their sails.

Much to my surprise, the pieces went together quite easily with only a couple of hitches, both involving shoving pointy objects through or around four layers of sailcloth, a quarter inch thick rope and -once- my husband's index finger. My little Kenmore jugged right along and although Miss Galbrieth, my 7th grade home-ec teacher, would not approve of the rather flimsy tension of the thread in places, I think she would still be secretly delighted. Miss Galbrieth was a single woman with a boyfriend, who wore fashionable clothes and addressed us middle school girls as fellow women. I concocted many a secret life for her in the two years she was my instructor, secret life that were less than conformist.

Which brings me to the risk taking. As I was finishing the last couple of seams I began to ponder just how important this project was. Sure, the HAND MADE boat is important to my husband for many reasons. To me it had always been an interesting project which kept the garage simultaneously impossible to enter and unbelievably clean except for the 15 foot boat in it. But lets face it, I never really considered the implications of completion. I find deep and meaningful thoughts more hilarious than insightful but as I looked at the jib, a sail used to increase performance and decrease turbulence for the mainsail, it occurred to me that this piece of fabric was the leading edge of opportunity to places yet to be explored and a lifestyle I have only pretended to be living.

Of course, I still have the Main to sew. Which gives me plenty of time to get my life insurance in order...

Good to know this can double as my body bag...

Our HAND BUILT sloop - Nancy's China DC from Devlin Boats (Their name, not ours. Our name will be much better.)

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