Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The First Step is Admitting...

I had an A-Ha* moment yesterday.

I was standing in the area which doubles as a break area, quietly munching my cucumber circles dipped in hummus. A co-worker walked past, paused and said, "Don't look so sad. What's the matter?"

Brought back from my reverie, I didn't have the heart to tell him. I wasn't contemplating the fiscal cliff, the declining polar ice cap or even my job. I was contemplating the fact that while I love cucumbers – with their crunchy refreshingness – and I love hummus - with its spicy, slightly grainy texture – I DO NOT love them together.

Instead I smiled and muttered something that ended in a 'no worries but thanks for asking' nod.

And that's where the A-Ha comes in. If I can contemplate my afternoon snack with such intensity as to elicit concern I must face the facts now and change my ways before I get caught fighting Anthony Bourdain for pig cheeks and raw quail.

That's right. I am a Foodie.

Would someone please get me a can of spaghetti-ohs...

*It is my understanding that The Oprah has trademarked 'A-Ha'. I scoff at trademarked words. Besides, I doubt that The Oprah is reading this and if she is – call me! According to my husband there is enough material  here for a prime time special.

** HEY!

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