Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faux Friday!

It's Faux Friday everyone! More tFaux Friday is that rare gift from the scheduling Gods in which Thursday is the last work day of the week. Real Friday becomes the first day of the weekend thus making Thursday Faux.
Nothing shall be allowed to ruin Faux Friday. Not the cremated breakfast sandwich in the microwave, not the clock that suddenly skipped a half hour, not even the idiot in the expedition who keeps dodging in and out of traffic so close to my bumper that I WILL THROW MY CREMATED SANDWICH  AT YOU BITCH!!!


So far, Faux Friday has been good. Made it to work in one piece, clocked in on time, and had delish giant rice Krispie treat for lunch. Plus saw a very industrious weave in the gutter- it was seeking opportunities according to the flyer it was lying on. Which makes me wonder - just HOW do you walk down the street a lose part of your hair?
(pic eventually-it is stuck on the iPod)

So- back to work. Only 6 hours left till Faux Friday is over and the weekend begins!!

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