Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There's a Bathroom on the Right

You've heard that song by Creedence Clearwater Revival? You know the one – the refrain goes "There's a bathroom on the right..." I spent my Labor Day afternoon at the place that inspired that line. Or it should have, except there wasn't always a bathroom on the right. The *Broadway Oyster Bar is the place of which I speak...

I became a customer of this fine establishment when it was still the sort of place my parents would not approve of. This is back when the Oyster Bar had only one bathroom. (which definatly added to the non-approval.) There may have been more but after a certain number of locally brewed beverages it is a little fuzzy. (I also don't recall the patio, which I have been assured repeatedly, I sat on many times.) I only remember the infamous 'uni-sex' stall. I hated that bathroom. The door did not really close; not at the frame or at the floor. It was like peeing in someone's dining room. Which, I guess technically, I was. 

Pick a sex...

Now the place is semi-spiffy. With THREE bathrooms. There are the traditional Men and Women. And the non-traditional 'uni-sex'. All three have doors that reach the floor. I would say it takes away part of the charm but it doesn't. I mean, where else can you sip on a Tchoupatoula Tea, eat delicious Cajun food, hear amazing local Blues music – with drop in performances by recognizable artists and rub elbows with Spiderman?

Frontal View banned in most countries.

*again with the unpaid endorsements, I mentioned your food, music and fancy bathroom. what else could you possibly want?

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