Friday, September 28, 2012

I Could Have SWORN Gray's Anatomy was Cancelled

I love the Fall Television Season. I love seeing the return of my favorite television shows. I love discovering new shows. I love ridiculing those 'highly acclaimed and long awaited' shows that turn out to be total suck-fests.

I do not love Gray's Anatomy.

In the spirit of full disclosure I must say – I have NEVER watched an entire episode of Gray's Anatomy. And I was pretty certain the show had been CANCELLED last season. I could have sworn the entire cast died in a firey ER shoot out last season. (this is solely based on seeing previews between the shows I do watch.)

But it seems that those poor nurses and doctors that work at Gray's Anatomy Hospital are destined to DIE in a fiery helicopter crash. Wow. Way to really shorten the season. Killing off the entire cast on the first show of the new season? Genius. Now maybe the network will have room for some really good programming.

I am fully aware that that last sentence will completely piss off a HUGE section of the American Television Demographic. But, I am here to tell you, as a 25+ year veteran of healthcare, I have never seen an entire staff granted time off TOGETHER. EVER. Plus, we were never dispatched all together in a helicopter for any reason. (Although I really thought the Jimmy Buffett concert would be reason enough.)

We did have a car drive INTO our Emergency Department once and I personally had a killer Pimp attempt to break through the automatic doors. But NEVER were we granted time off TOGETHER to go cruising around in a helicopter.



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