Friday, September 7, 2012

Hairnet Roundup 09.07.2012

It has been an exciting week here on the Coast of Illinois. Most notably, we have two new members to induct into the Hairnet Sighter Club. As always, both were taken completely by surprise.

'T' approached me at work, looked around conspiratorially and whispered, "I saw a hairnet!" She then whipped out her phone and presented a PHOTO! Even though she was alone and felt slightly disoriented during her sighting, she had the presence of mind to snap a photo. Bravo! 'T' has been practicing her inner pioneer what with clearing land and building a new home so it was great to see the happy, goofy smile on her face when she told me her story.

the rare Hairnet BowTie Butterfly effect

The second sighting occurred just last night, and I am thrilled to report that I was on the scene and able to capture not only the Hairnet but the Sighter herself. The sighting occurred as we walked into the parking garage, gentilely discussing current events - read: laughing so loudly that the muggers were a little terrified. With a politely interrupting "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!" I turned to see my friend on her knees, surrounded protectively by the rest of our party. Lying in front of her was a medium weave, slightly worn Hairnet. She followed all protocol and let no display of fear show on her face as I snapped a picture for the archives. 

I see a Hairnet, Maw!

Congratulations to our two Sighters! You have lost your Virgnetty! Your lives will never be the same!


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