Saturday, September 22, 2012

Special Bonus Saturday Installment!

Special Bonus Saturday Installment!

I spent yesterday in the car driving to Cornfield, IL to pick up child #2 from College. I love driving through central Illinois. It is where I grew up and I feel a deep affection for the endless rows of cornstalks and dilapidated barns. You can see for miles as you drive down the interstate. Tiny farms dot the landscape and a storm always seems to be brewing off to the West casting just the right amount of Religious Calendar Sun Rays over the flat land.

There is an endless supply of kitsch on this stretch of road including but not limited to a gigantic catsup bottle, Tractor Museum, a 'real' Indian trading post, a restaurant that boasts MILE HIGH pie- which actually looks like MILE HIGH meringue on a an average size pie and travel lodge with an 'arch' that IS NOT REALLY A TRUE ARCH (this detail is pointed out to me by my family every time we pass it). (Every time.) But one of my absolute favorites is the Paul Simon Freeway sign.

Paul Simon was a congressman from the great state of Illinois. He wore a bow tie. Always. And once he appeared on Saturday Night Live with the other Paul Simon because he felt there was some confusion over who was hosting. Now THAT is an awesome politician.

Good thing he didn't wear a dickie. (If you look closely it appears there are bullet holes in the bow tie. They are actually polka dots. As per the original...)

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