Sunday, April 8, 2018

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Today is officially a day off from the A to Z Challenge, but I have gotten into the habit of posting daily and I hate to break my 7 day run.

Sunday on the Coast of Illinois.
Generally speaking, Sunday morning is spent in pajamas, drinking coffee and watching semi-informative and fun news magazine programs.
This did not happen today.
Today, I dragged myself out of bed and onto the train which normally takes me to work so we could cheer on our daughter, who was running the St. Louis Go half marathon.
The race started at 7am. It was a less than balmy 34 degrees at 7am.
This did not deter the runners.
I do not understand runners.

It did give us a fun look at them as they began their torturous journey across the Martin Luther King Bridge which spans the Mississippi.
all those tiny heads bobbing, pretty sure the 75th from the left is our girl
As our train crossed the river on the Eades Bridge - the oldest bridge spanning the Ole Man - the runners were running across on the walkway above us.
The Arch grounds from inside the Eades Bridge
While the runners continued their hilly way past brewery of Clydesdales, through the French inspired neighborhoods or Soulard and Lafayette Square, we sat snug and cozy in a coffee shop.
Sipping latte and hot chocolate.
As one should on Sunday morning.
One of my favorite sculptures in City Garden. I call them 'Bobbins'. I am not sure of their actual name, but I feel that is part of the fun of art...
We took a meandering walk through City Garden and met up with the Fiancé to cheer our girl on as she entered the last leg of the run. I forgot our actual cow bell, but Fiancé found an app...
the smile in the yellow shirt is our runner
After she passed, we took a quick hike down to the Arch grounds and amazingly spotted her crossing the finish in a little less than 2 hours 10 minutes.
not a bad turn out

As I mentioned earlier, I do not understand runners. For me, running was what my team always had to do after losing their baseball game, basketball game or any other team sport of which I was a member of.
Sports are not my strong suit.
But watching the runners as they herded across the bridge, cruised around the bend towards the final mile of the race and finally crossed the finish line to cheers, foil blankets, Ted Drewes ice cream sandwiches and fruit cups, it made a little more sense
The smiles, even under the grimaces,in each of their faces, as they hugged their families and chatted excitedly about the most difficult stretches spoke to a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

And that is someone we can all related to.
a look back towards the city

Louis and Clark waving as watch the train crossing Eades Bridge
Come back tomorrow for H.
You might want to be a little afraid...
have a great day, from the Coast of Illinois...


  1. I am not a runner but I love bridges - I walk across them when and if I can - and that is such a beautiful bridge. One of my ambitions is to walk in the Ravenel Bridge Run between Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, which takes place each year in early April. Kudos to your daughter. Alana

    1. The Eades bridge is wonderful to walk over. It has a separate deck for walkers. So cool to see the barges. And right in the center is ‘ the line’ which is the cover of this blog!

  2. I am completely in awe of long distance runners. I'm in Boston visiting family and yesterday tens of thousands of runners braved torrential rain and 40 degree temps to run the Boston Marathon. I'm glad your daughter had better conditions for her race! PS I'm loving your A-Z posts and learning lots about the world of sailing!

    1. Running has never been my thing. But I do admire the dedication.
      So glad you are enjoying the sail posts!


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