Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I See an IC24

The letter 'I' brings us to the IC24.
Our lesson boat from Rob Swain Sailing, Tortola, BVI
Please allow me to be technical for a minute:
The IC24 is a modified version of a J24, first converted by St. Thomas sailors Chris Rosenberg and Morgan Avery, from a J24 which survived a hurricane.
The IC24 is an open cockpit keel boat. It is popular as a lesson boat as well as a racing craft.

That's enough of that.
I tried finding just what exactly was modified on the boat, and even tried to compare pictures but my very scientific findings resulting in this:
I can not tell the difference between the two. (This just in - I have been informed that the modification is a larger cockpit. Making the boat able to accommodate 5 people, thus making it an excellent lesson boat.)

But, today's letter is 'I' and I couldn't think of anything else.
Plus, our lesson boat in Tortola was an IC24.
We saw many different types of boats while in Tortola. 
Not sure sort of boat this is - besides old, wooden and handmade.

Loved this one. The boom tent is a handy addition.

This IS NOT an IC24. It does, however, come with a rainbow.
The harbor at Nanny Cay was a parking lot of boats costing more than my house.
Which made the trip in and out of the marina in our non-motorized boat a real treat. For Rob, as he was the designated captain for both leaving port and returning. Toddy, our instructor, was no fool.

Not having much to compare to, the lesson boat handled nicely, which made me feel very accomplished until I saw these little guys.

Apparently it was sailing day in school. These kids, ranging in age from 10-14, unloaded their boats, put the mast in place, drug them to the water, sailed like maniacs, beach them, took them apart and reloaded them with no help.
The best thing my PE class offered was trampoline.

For more pics and info on Rob Swain Sailing School click here.

Come back tomorrow for J -Jibe - nothing accidental about it.

This is part of the A to Z Challenge. 

H-Head to Heel


  1. They all look the same to me!

  2. Boats are so expensive to own and to run and yet there are SO many of them all over the world. I guess you need boats to learn in or you'd never have enough sailors to crew all those boats we see.

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    I for If Opportunity….

    1. so true. it has been interesting, with the fixer upper, if you are relatively handy a lot of the work can be done by less than professionals!

  3. We were married in the harbor of Tortola on a 35' Beniteau which we charted and sailed ourselves. Sailing in the BVI is so awesome. Were you there recently. They had so much damage from the hurricane!

    1. Oh my goodness! How wonderful! Our lesson trip was 3 years ago, so amazing. We watched the hurricane with so much worry. But, it sounds as though things are coming back.

  4. I've only been on a sailboat a few times in my life. It's a lot of fun. I should try it again but only as a passenger. I can't imagine maneuvering in and out of the harbor.Weekends In Maine

    1. I haven't given docking a try yet. Not sure I am ready for dodging those expensive boats!

  5. Beautiful photos and fun information for lundlubbers like myself. Thank you!


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