Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Points of Sail, almost an actual lesson...

So, today class, we will discuss the Points of Sail.
These are integral maneuvers which will become second nature in your sailing career.

A quick review -
Tacking is sailing upwind. In that fantastic serpentine manner because lunch is always upwind.
When the wind comes over the P-O-R-T side of the boat, it is called a port tack.
(Does anyone remember which side of the boat is L-E-F-T side of the boat...)
When the wind comes over the Starboard side of the boat it is called....say it with me...a Starboard Tack.

Running is sailing straight down wind. In this point of sail, the main sail is let out completely. The jib, or front sail will get no wind unless you are sailing 'wing on wing'.
Wing on Wing is awesome.
And dangerous.
It can lead to the Accidental Jibe – remember, that maneuver where you have to yell DUCK and the guy riding on the boom flies ever so gracefully into the water.

Now if you want to get even more specific with the wind position you can add 'haul' and 'reach' to the above.
Such as 'Let's go from this Close Haul Starboard Tack to a Beam Reach Port Tack' but then the boat stops dead because I forgot to mention the No-Go Zone.
That place where the boat is pointing directly into the wind because someone (me) let the jib out too soon, effectively putting the brakes on the boat.

Oh, and everytime the boat changes direction, everything below...shifts. And if it isn't secure then it shifts onto the floor...and into the path of the leaky port-a-potty...

Clear as mud?
Allow me to use this graphic to explain.
I do feel I must give credit for this illustration.
It has been floating around the internet for a while but it originated at Cruising Outpost.
Cruising Outpost is possibly the BEST sailing magazine out there.
First off, it is written by a retired biker.
It offers very helpful, easy to understand, non-pretentious information with a nice smattering of silly and a heaping helping of photographs sent in by readers.
Sort of like MAD magazine meets A Really Well Written Instruction Manual.
Oh, and they provide free subscriptions to active military personnel.

So hopefully they won't mind me using their graphic.
And if you do Cruising Outpost...
P is also for PIRATE!!

these are the dining room pirates. they are classy.

This has been yet another post for the A to Z Challenge. Anyone else as surprised as I am that I have actually made it this far???
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  1. I'm surprised I'm still here and still running around visiting blogs all over the place! Nice to learn some more sailing tips - but I noticed that darn boom is still swinging around!

    Leanne |
    P for Practice makes Perfect

    1. May your boom swing freely! Lol!! Thanks for all your support! We can make it!

  2. Am I supposed to learn that off by heart beforeI go sailing, or can I take the diagram with me....!

    1. Oh good lord no! I am considering cross stitching for the boat!

  3. My retiring doctor friends who live in Chicago would love this. I always said I wanted a boat, not a car. But I was landlocked on the
    south side and it never happened! I can dream, can't I.

    1. You can always dream. But be careful, you may get what you hoped for!

  4. Nah, I had complete faith in you. But this landlubber is holding my breath for "Q". Alana

  5. I can't remember what I had for breakfast but for some reason I can remember P-O-R-T and starboard from summer camp sailing lessons when I was in 8th grade. And let me say, again, how much I'm loving these A-Z posts about sailing. I am duly impressed with your knowledge and stick-to-it-iveness!


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